Watch out for alot of websites springing up offering to date with Chinese ladies

I have been chatting with a Chinese lady through the chnlove website (www.chnlove.com) and I hope to meet her on the 15th of July in Changsha. Though I have read some feedback on other websites saying that the lady I meet could be someone different from the photo. I have heard it could be a scam.
What are your views on this and are these stories true?

It depends. The best way is to meet them up in person, which means you have to fly over. Everything else on email are potentially bullshit.

I am considering going to China to meet someone I have been cooresponding with on the internet. Naturally I’m quite hesitant. Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.

We think that it is ok. However, if the person is real (after meeting up), then they are looking more than simple romance. In fact, they are not interested in you, but your…