After reading our website, many of you may start to think that it is no longer safe to use the internet for sharing things, esp. your photos, names and contact information.

Your name, photos, and contact infomration, may be used against you in scams. The scammer is running a zero-cost, illegal business. They pluck names and photos from personal websites, social networking sites, etc, and use them in the scams.

Some people ask us to remove the names on our website. For CHRIST SAKE! When the name appear once on our website, it is NOTHING compared to the fact that it was already used in SPAM mails sent to millions all over the web.

So, why are you worried about your name appearing on HOTSCAMS.COM, which is trying to tell the world that the name is FAKE and not that of the real scammer. We are helping to clear up the mess created by these scammers because they use fake photos and names in the scams. And if these photos and names belong to you, blame yourself for being unlucky. Because many people who received such emails thought that the names and photos are REAL. What we do at is to tell everyone that these photos and names are NOT the scammer themselves.

Only Stupid scammers use real photos and names in scams. Though they are morons, they are slightly more intelligent, with a brain slightly larger than those found in sewage rats.

For those who cannot accept the fact that their photos may be misused by a scammer/stranger:

The next time when you see “Value-Added” service from Google, Yahoo, Photo Bucket, etc giving you FREE SERVER SPACE to upload and share your photos – be aware of the risk! Your photos may appear in MILLIONS of SCAM MAILS SENT ALL OVER THE INTERNET.

– Free internet education from

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