A visitor asked:

I’ve been messing with a “dating scammer” for fun due to she has requested my assistance for my home address so she can have 2 luggages of money delivered/ couriered by a Special Delivery agency. What is “she/he” trying to accomplish? I haven’t given my home address nor do I plan to. I am requesting a photo of her holding “my portrait” to verify it is her. Of course, the her camera is broken. What is the goal here and what can I ask to show her/him that I am onto them?

Broken camera, unverified identity, suspicious “money delivery” via courier.

It certainly smells like a scam to us.

If you are sure its a scam, why did you bother communicating further knowing that you might be at risk of losing more information?

What can a dating scammer do, and what is their goal? All scammers are after only one thing: Money.

In this particular case, watch out for the “Special Delivery Agency”. When something is “special” in a scam, its usually part of the scam. You might be asked to pay the courier charges to this “Special Delivery Agency”, which is in fact the same person.

But they can try any other means, e.g. fake checks, distress, etc. The possibilities are endless.

If you choose to play with fire, don’t ask us how to avoid getting caught in the fire because there are many ways of starting it. We are not GOD and we can’t tell you how this fire is going to start with 100% accuracy.

Scammers can change their tactics simply by the way you respond to them. That is why we say, if you know its going to be a scam and/or is suspicious, Walk Away. There are some people who prefer to try their luck, and ended up asking “Is this a scam?” when they knew the first time its going to be one.