We would like to offer some insights of how some of these membership sites started off. Most membership websites started up as a blank site, unless the website has a different marketing strategy. More often than not, you will end up chatting with people who are just like any other dating site – a working class commoner. So there is a complaint like this:


There is a complaint from the complaintboard:

Hi. There is a dating site currently named EliteMeeting.com It was formerly called MeetingMillionaires.com (had to change it because of their bad reputation. They’ll probably be changing it again bcz people like me are on too them and telling everyone). Please be aware of this site. It employs the old dating site trick: putting up a lot of beautiful women/men or successful men to lure you to pay the large fee to be able to contact them or read their email. PROBABLY 95% OF THE MEMBERS ARE FAKE.
I JUST signed up and got 1 or 2 emails a day from very attractive people. Their cheapest mebership is $60 for 1 month! Can you believe this? The owner is trying to become a millionaire/billionaire off this. This is the most expensive dating site membership ever.
I HAVE NOT been scammed by them. Because I did not fall for all these members emailing me (I have a very high scam-o-meter : ) I was too smart and suspicious. But I am posting this to WARN anyone of this dating site.

Also here is a link to a site where others are complaining about this dating site: http://www.daterater.org/Niche-Interest-reviews/MeetingMillionaires.com/review484.html

And remember the trick to avoiding scams? If someone contacts you or you sign up to a company (you feel could be a scam) google their/it name. Do all varitations. If they are a scam you may definitely find someone talking about them/it on a website. The internet can be a bad place, but it can be good and work to your advantage too.


Are you aware that ANYBODY can setup a dating website overnight, with just a shoestring budget? There are thousands of such sites today, thanks for the readily available social networking scripts. The cheapest script can be had for a few hundred bucks, and you can start an online dating business in less than One Thousand (1,000) US dollars.

Then you have hundreds of thousands of dating templates running at many websites selling cool templates such as these:

Dating Site Template

Its cheap to buy one off a template seller. Some even offered thousands of professional-looking templates just for a monthly fees.

A new website can be setup easily but it is empty for a start, isn’t it? If you visit one of these new sites, you would like to see pictures or members there before you join. So how does the dating website convince you to join?

The following are some of their strategies, whether you like it, or not:

1) Add fake members into the site, i.e. “sleeping” members who does not exist in reality. You will get no response from them, as they are listed just to make up numbers.

2) Just one or two person to pretend that they are “active”, and chat with you. By the way, they would not be the REAL PERSON as shown on the picture.

3) Hire a few real pretty women or hunks to chat online with you. But these are hired guns, they chat with you to make money from their employer, not because they love you. Well, some of you might not mind this, because you have in fact paid to chat in other real life services. Lets not get into that.

There could be more, the whole idea is that they wanted you to join because of other members inside. So if there aren’t any members for a start, you will only find fake members of the above category. 

How else do you think AdultFriendsFinder start? We know its a large site today, but do you think the pioneer members are really looking for friends? Probably yes, since that was an adult theme. But dating sites such as Match.Com is geared more towards love and affection, rather than just sex as in adult themes.

As in the case of EliteMeeting, we do NOT think that this is a scam site at this point. There is nothing wrong with their business model, and we think this is a GOOD business model. Make members pay to join, so that the website can have Quality members.

The problem with so MANY SCAMS and SPAMS mails these days, are due to FREE EMAILS.

Am I right, or wrong?

We used to pay for email address, until some smart guy came along to provide free email addresses. While you cannot fake your name, your real address and your ID, you can use Free Email address on the web to hide your identity.

I would say that EliteMeeting.com has been daring to ask for members to pay upfront, even though its relatively new in the market. However, this would be a great way to sieve out those cheapskate scammers from the website. So bear with the… fake members for the moment and stop complaining. If you don’t like it go elsewhere where its free and chat with a Nigerian Scammer who would show you his fake picture looking like some celebrity.

P.S. We are not affiliated to EliteMeeting.com, and this is not an invitation for you to join.