There is a puzzling question about romance scams, especially when a man(or woman) claimed that they were scammed by Nigerians who pretended to be “someone” else in a picture. Isn’t it possible to use Skype or MSN video calls to contact them, just to make sure they are who they claimed, and is the same person in the beautiful picture?

It is hard to believe when someone would look at a picture and start falling in love solely through calls or emails. Hey, we are 15 years into internet age and there is a new technology called the web cam. 

Since 1995, the scammers are making use of the internet to scam you. So likewise, you must be smart enough to use the internet to your advantage. The web cam is cheaper than the computer they used for sending emails, so there is no excuse that its not affordable. They don’t have to get a Logitec Webcam, or just any brand such as those from China (cheap, and not too bad).

If that could not be done, it is better to assume that he/she is a scammer. Move on. The best way to overcome the temptation is to stare at a picture of an ugly looking man, and tell yourself “She” could be “Him”.