According to AgencyScams.com, there were several reports and links that mention that this is a scam.

On one hand, dating websites have scams whereby you meet someone who isn’t the same person on the picture. On the other hand, even if its the same person on the photo, it doesn’t imply that they may not be a scammer.

However, the charges against HotRussianBrides.com is more than this. According to the website, a Russian girl was tricked into submitting her passport for a job. It turned out that her “job” was to chat with men online.

There you go, a nice love chat hotline with a paid-to-chat chick from Russia.

Check out this site more information. We never had a chance to know or prove such scams, because there are more stories of scams these days rather than ending up with real love or marriage.

Brides? Love? Romance? Nah, its all about money. As long as you have the money, you will get what you want. So do we call this a scam? Its a grey line – we prefer to say that those who seek “real romance” in these sites as “foolish”. Tell them you are beggar or weak in health, and see if anyone bothers to chat with you.

Girls tricked into this chatting job – yes they are scammed.

Men hoping to get real “romance” from the girls – quite foolish. If you can pay well, you can get “romance” ANYWHERE. Ask Felix.