A senior manager from the largest bank in Russian – SberBank (aka The Bank of Russia) – has been caught for scamming $100million (3 billion rubles) using fake contracts and 50 fake companies.

The last time we saw him was on a yacht outside his castle in Europe with an army of 419 and romance scammers reporting for duty daily (kidding).

The complex fraud scheme revealed by the Interior Ministry last week purportedly involved more than 50 front companies that forged contracts to receive more than 3 billion rubles ($100 million) from various banks. They then funneled the money to banks in Cyprus and Bulgaria, investigators said.

It is one of the country’s largest purported scams investigated by authorities in recent years.

Investigators have not identified the banks allegedly victimized in the case. Sberbank maintains that there were no wrongdoings in the Lipetsk branch’s operations.

The Interior Ministry’s economic crimes department said Friday that a total of four suspects had been arrested in the case and that a fifth had been released from custody on condition that he not leave Moscow. All of the suspects are residents of either Moscow or Lipetsk, officials said.