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A visitor wrote:

I received A congratulations you won $10,000 from Imperial Distribution Company and they want 30 (rounded up) for a genuine leather wallet from B Thomas .  I know you don’t have to pay for a win but am thinking this is for the wallet and the check they say will be inside it.  I have tried to find a place to see if this is legit on the Canadian site for scams and was unable to find anything.  Could you please help me with this?  …..The address they gave me is

Imperial Distribution Company

3219 yonge street

Box No. 415

Toronto, Ontario

Canada M4N 3S1


We do not have any information about this company. But a quick search reveals that there is an official listing at Florida.

Anyway, we think that paying for a “wallet” is a stupid idea, just to get the “money” inside. Whoever could think of such an idea for whatever reasons, is nuts.