This guy is selling the contacts (office phone no. and address) of 400 US Billionaires, 2010 edition.

You can buy the information for $1000 for 400 Billionaires contacts, or $600 for 200 contacts.

What’s more, they are also selling contacts for Swiss Billionaires at about the same price.

So what is the selling point about buying these “contacts”?


“Build a “BILLIONAIRE CLIENTELE” for your business ! Develop a “BILLIONAIRE DONOR” FILE for your non-profit organization ! And, do it NOW!!!”

“Communicate with billionaires whenever you want…”

The list is available in any digital format/media that you requested (including dinosaur era “Diskette”), and you can also pay via all popular means such as PayPal.

No, no worries, they didn’t mention about paying via a money mule or a scammed intemediaries (job scam).

However, we do not have a copy of this list and we certainly do not see a reason to buy it. We are in no way affiliated to this… website. Please buy at your own risk.

One thing for sure, the billionaires will be busy changing their office phone numbers and address soon. Millions of people will be calling them up, “Please gimme money!!!”.

While the billionaires stand a chance of getting poorer, this dude selling the contacts could be richer. Thanks to you (if you buy it).

So where can you buy this address?


(we repeat again, we are NOT affiliated to this website)