Several multilevel marketing opportunities exist today that can help those without a job help make ends meet, but they be overlooked due to past experiences with a network marketing plan or by news reports about the number of people ripped off by multilevel marketing fraud. Unfortunately, the news is only interesting when someone does something stupid or wrong. Very seldom on independent reports is it talked about when someone actually is successful.

While it pays to be cautious when thinking about joining a marketing network, how building a network should also be balanced. That, however is probably not going to happen in the near future. As long as there are people willing to spend money on questionable business opportunities there will be others willing to take their cash.

As a result, honest network marketers are facing a more difficult time finding quality distributors to help sell their merchandise. The problem of fraud swings both ways on the pendulum of balancing business opportunities with those simply seeking an opportunistic way to get rich. The boom in the 1980’s and early 1990’s that highlighted everyone getting super rich with internet business made it an attractive alternative for many, including those who had no skills at all in running a business, let alone an internet marketing network.

Not everyone is destined to be a network marketing guru and as a result, there are a lot of failures in the business. Each failure results in mode bad publicity for the network marketing industry but the ones who achieve even a small level of success is not deemed newsworthy and many pass up amazing opportunities. It also takes time to build a quality and sustainable network and many who enter into a plan lack the patience to see the reward they were expecting to drop into their laps.

The prospect of instant riches from internet businesses may be waning, the number of people still pitching the opportunity remains the same, of not growing in to more unrealistic offers. Scrutiny of any offers should tell if a business is viable or only making money for the person making the job offer.

Some of the red flags about a potentially fraudulent offer include having to send money to find out what the company is selling. A person cannot possible know if they can be successful selling a product before they know what the product is. Additionally, contact information is usually limited on fraudulent sights. Even those offering a money back guarantee may simply be a name and an email address that could be non-existent within a week or two.

Offers without a physical, verifiable physical address, while not always, the majority of the time are not going to return the income claimed in propaganda. If an offer still looks good, and the location is available, simple do a little research online by going through different states attorneys general or better business bureaus to see if there is any record of complaints. If possible, read the complaints. Not all of them are legitimate but if many of them seem like they are, the scrutiny may have saved a lot of money.