Susan was a mother of 2 who worked in a convenience store to make ends meet. She did not mind the work, except when she had to go to the restroom at night. She had to use the same restroom as the customers, which was detached from the main store. Most of the time the night manger was there, so she was not alone. She had to walk outside to get to the restroom. It was not always well lit, but she had never had a problem.

One night she was about to take a bathroom break. She walked toward the bathroom and went in with no problem. When she was on her way out, she heard what sounded like a baby crying. She thought a baby out here by itself; oh no it must be an abandoned child. Without hesitation, she went to investigate. Out of nowhere 2 guys grabbed her and one placed a knife to her throat and demanded money.

She did not have much but she complied. The other one took her keys. The store manager noticed she had been gone longer than normal and was starting to worry. He was getting suspicious, so he called the police to investigate. There was a unit in the area so they quickly arrived.

When the punks saw the police unit, they pushed Susan down and ran into to the wooded area near the store. They were apprehended a few blocks down the road and charged with attempted robbery. Turns out they had pull that abandoned baby routine at several other stores.

Thieves use all kinds of scams to lure unsuspecting victims. If you investigate suspicious activity and it seems too strange or is beyond your ability to resolve, call the authorities. Many people have been seriously injured because they went to investigate something that turned out to be a scam. Some criminals pretend to be broken down on the side of the road to get you to stop.

When you stop to help, you are surprised to find 2 more hiding in the wooded area waiting. They take your keys, your car and your valuables. They leave you stranded or worst. Never stop to help anyone unless you are sure it is safe to do so. You can get help safely by call the proper authorities own your cell phone. Today most people already have their own cell phones, so help is never far away.

If you are female never under any circumstances stop to help a disabled male motorist. As a matter of fact you should be cautious about stopping for anyone. People have use legitimate reasons to pull heinous scams on others.

There have been cases of pregnant women being used to get unsuspecting motorists to stop. There have also been cases of staged accidents, which turn out to be a setup. When situations occur, use good judgment to keep yourself safe. Above all be prepared to defend yourself if necessary.