This mail from a “woman” sounds like a man-in-disguise. Remember Freddy?

—–Original Message—–
From: Rocy M [mailto:register@brain.dresdner.net]
Subject: Privet dear!

Ave, my gentleman

I don’t know about life abroad if it is better then here or not. But I know
certainly that it can’t be happy if you don’t love, if you are not beloved.
Am I right? Do you have everything for true happiness? As for me, I am not.
That is why I am writing you now and the reason of my letter: attempt to get
acquainted with you.  I am not sure you will want to connect with Ukrainian
woman. “It’s so far and how can’t be sure that it doesn’t attempts to
deceive me’ you may think. I don’t have such efforts to persuade you now
that I am do real and it is true that I like you and do want to know you, to
get acquainted with you and  to invite you to my country one day. But if you
write me http://thelovingplace.net/romanticyou and if we have time to communicate, you will understand that all your fears were in vain and it worth getting acquainted.

Yourth faithfully
Rocy M