It all started with a friendly “Aloha” from Julia (or is it Yulia)… then

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Subject: i’m writing to find love


I am a nice, good looking girl. I can talk about
everything. I studied well at school and got good marks.

I am looking for a real man to share my life with him…
I am strong but I want to be safe near a real man, who is also self confident,
knows what he wants from life. I want to feel his tenderness every day and to
fulfil his life with all care and love I have.

Do you want to know me better?… -> http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I will be glad to hear from you!

Waiting for your letter

Julia K


So we visited the website (we blanked the url in the above letter), and look what we found:

my heart

That’s right, WOW!!! Then we saw the “Join Now”, which leads us to:

More and more blinking eyes… Then we decided to take a look at one of their “Services”. Wow, one of them is a gift shop where you can buy presents for the girls… but…

There are too many gifts to choose from. But not to worry, they will help you find the perfect gift if you pay them well…

What a perfect package indeed!

We have 2 problems:

1) She sent the email to my wife, not me!

2) What if she(or is it he?) looks like this in real life?

freddy krueger

Stay away – we didn’t delete that URL for no reasons.