We would like to express that we are happy about what we have done here. It is not easy to update this website everyday, after a tiring day of work. But we feel great when we received many good comments:

A K Naik: “I have received two emails about this. The first one to claim 84500 pound and the second one 600,000 pound. I was shocked. Very helpfull website. Thanks”

Arup: “I have also received three different same kind of mail from different email address. This is really bogus. guys be careful. Thanks to this site.”

Manny: “I just received an Email identical to this. It is great having a place like this to let to know to the people what is happening with.”

Loida: “I got these winning notification too! And after i read it, i thought its a real one, but i went and check thiis oxford internation lottery and i found out that im not the only one got these leter of notification. Its a scam, thanks to all of you, for all the information…”

Meagan: “I got the same letter as the very first now they are placing the ad in Arkansas. I found it in the sunday paper. what lunatics. I hope they don’t get to anyone else. I’m contacting the newspaper tomorrow and possibly the news. thanks guys for the help!”

West Family: “I received the same letter on 3-30-2009. For some reason I thought it was a tad suspicious so here I am. I decided to do my own research and look what I found. This is very sad because my family would have loved to have those precious dogs. Luckily, I decided to do some more research.”

Melanie: “THank you for having this. I just almost fell for the same thing. I can’t believe people like this….. he said he was in africa, and their names were adam and eve. what a jerk”

Justin: “I saw this ad in the local weekend paper. I sent a reply to the paper listing this site and the emails I had received. I hope they catch the criminals who run these. I am sorry for anyone who has lost money because of this. and thanks to the author of this article for saving me the trouble.”

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