Ok, I need to apologize (again for the umpth time) that I have not been reading my emails and updating this website.

I am really sorry because this website started out in anger because of all those stupid emails that we received each day esp. the 419 scams. We have since updated the site with tonnes of new scams but there are more coming. And since the economic crisis is just around the corner… sorry I mean, since we are IN economic crisis now, there are more scams going on and I have less time (see the contradiction?) to update this website.

However, things seemed to be getting better soon and I hope to update my site very very ver often]]> (promising for the umpth time).

In this bad time, the best thing for anybody to do is to twice as careful about parting your money for ANY deals that are too good to be true. We are quite sure that most of us lost our appetite for love (scam) from some Russian freaks in such bad times, so you should focus your attention on fake job offers, subscriptions that promises you ridiculous returns, etc. Ofcourse, if you are still dreaming about winning a lottery or inheriting big bucks from some rich dead man, your safest bet is to try the state or national lottery.

Ok, I promise to read all my emails this weekend, so please keep your posts coming… I will try to find the time. Ouch.