Update 18 Feb 2010:

Based on our check today, this website has vanished. Please bewarned of similar scams.

Update 12 Feb 2010:

This case is reopened, please refer to the various comments on this report below.

We certainly hope that everybody could get back their refund as promised by the seller.

However, we find that this seller is unlike any other (site) that was created solely for the sake of scamming. Most of the time we would expect a scam site to disappear overnight after scamming a victim. There is no “customer service” from a scammer unless they still think you (victim) believe that the whole deal is genuine.

What is the best tactic to avoid a scam?

Don’t bite the bait, just walk away if you are unsure (75-25 or worse). If you decide to give it a try, you are risking that 75% chance or more of getting scammed.

What is the the tactic after a scammer successfully scammed you?

It’s their turn to walk away from you, leaving you dry.

A good example are the 419 and lottery scams. As long as you still believe that it is real, the scammer will continue to milk your bank account dry. This tactic was a fact reported by many of the news published by the press. Some victims lost their entire life savings after sending over the money repeatedly without realising its a scam. The point we are trying to make here is that, after a “scammer” has achieved their target, they would normally run away. However, this does not seem to be the case in this report.

On the other hand and in accordance with the original complaint report, the seller should have stated on their website that the products are imitations, and they should not use fake pictures to mislead consumers. Its called “misrepresentation” and the seller is liable if there is a buyer complaint. 


Update 8 Feb 2010: This case has been resolved.

The consumer returned the products and payment was refunded, and as such, the original posts will be truncated.

Future buyers should ask carefully if the item was in fact an original item or an imitation. There are various grades of imitation products, and some of these may not be what you expected.


Original Report by a consumer:

I have just been snookered by the internet site pandora-diy.  The scam is to promise authentic Pandora beads and bracelets at the very low price of 8.99-9.99 per bead.  They advertise that these beads are guaranteed authentic by their website and then when you order them, thinking you are getting a great deal, you have a package full of substandard fakes that aren’t even sterling silver. To further their scam, because they know that when you open the package, you will contact them, is to offer you only a fraction of your purchase price as a refund, In turn, making a huge profit, because they have just dropped off their garbage in your yard.  They will not give an address to which to return these items, insisting that you just keep the item, as if it is something of any value to anyone.  Furthermore,  once I began calling them out on their scam, they went in and changed the photos (and not quite all of them, I might add) to reflect the actual item that I received, that is in no way the item that was depicted in the photos when I ordered them.  Consumers BEWARE!!!!  Do not order from pandora-diy, ePandora, or other site claiming authentic Pandora that is at such a reduced price.  They are scamming you.  If you have placed an order with them, please cancel it and demand a full refund immediately.