As requested by the original informer, this complaint has been cancelled. Note that we keep our “complaint reports” updated, especially in cases where the vendor has responded well. Nothing is “cast in stone” with our site.

Genuine sellers and vendors will definitely respond to a complaint, and we will gladly update the case so that in future, new potential customers will be better informed about their reliability.

It is important to establish a good reputation in business. Every businesses do get some complaints from customers, one way or the other. This applies to any company, big or small. Some customers are just too hard to deal with, while on the other hand, some vendors simply do not respond well to their customer’s simple request. In another case, we have customers who have lost hundreds of dollars to merchants who turned a deaf ears to complaints.

With this note, we are pleased to say that this vendor has indeed earned themselves a praise for their continued improvements.

The following notes were provided:

I find a need to update this review because, despite our harsh remarks, he has never stop to work on the script and improve on it. In fact, there were 2 upgrades after we bought the script weeks ago. At this point, they are even offering free upgrades for the customer. As such, I am revising this review to say that you can trust this guy that he would listen to what you have to say. This is not an invitation for anybody to just buy it – please review the demo and see if it meets your need. If I have the time, I will join in their forum to chat.