We will only be posting selected updates on the front page Featured category. These reports are mainly those that we think would benefit most people generally and to spread information quickly.

Other scam mails, including lottery and 419 scams have been updated almost daily at their respective category. This is due to the large number of such mails flowing around. People often come in to search for a scam rather than reading off each scam mail from the category. As such, we would reduce the number of such scam mail reports on the front page unless we think its necessary to broadcast to all.

Most of the time, there is only one group of people interested in reading these scam mails, one by one at a time. Yes, they are the scammers. If you see what we see on some anti-scam sites, the traffic from “some countries” are higher than the rest. Substantial amount of traffic are from scammers themselves to see if their bait has been published and hence assess their likelihood of succeeding in a scam.

And most people who are checking our scam information would be directed towards the specific scam and not the category. The best recommended approach is to “search” for a scam rather than going through the category containing hundreds of scam mail to find a match.

In any case, we would expect most readers to understand what is a 419-type scam, including lottery scams and variations of it, after knowing it the first time.

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