We received a report as follows:

On a dating site ,a girl send a message to meet and chat at her email address, so i did after one day she was telling me she is in Malaysia buying gemsstones. The next day she told me she invested all of her money, and now she does not have money for food.

She talks nice, i must say … falling in love, etc, etc.

Now she is asking to send mony 1550 euro by money transfer, because she does not know what to do…

So i am at the other side of the world, and in 1 minut she knows to tell me where a bank is for money transfer
Could this be a trap /scam ????
Can this be trusted ….
Please respond  
This is a scam. In the first place, we often think twice when we lend money to good friends whom we know face-to-face for many years. When it comes to a questionable love relationship on the web with a total stranger, many people seemed to “give in” to the demands for money.

This is the ideal love scam, which anybody hope to convince you that she/he has fallen in love with you simply by emails, some pictures and probably some phone calls. They have sent you an “attractive love package” that will hook you up like a fish, then they will slaughter you by ripping you off – not once, but as many times as they could before you realised that she/he is a scammer.

The scammer may combine several forms of scam into one. For example, fake check scam is a favourite add-on for 419 scams, lottery scams, job scams and love scams.

The second tier love scams is more complex and involves meeting up face-to-face with the girl.