Are you still seeking your soul mate?

Or are you just looking for friends with the same interests?

Well, online dating is definitely a great way to widen your circle of friends. It is really fun to meet many interesting people and sometimes addictive for many people. Some have even met their soul mate by meeting their perfect lifetime match through an online dating portal! It is just amazing the convenience and the benefits that online dating brings to the busy people.

If you are new to online dating, there maybe risks which you may put yourself in even without you knowing. Good thing you are reading this! Here are some dangers of online dating that you might face and what you can do to reduce such risks :

1. The very first danger of online dating is when you become a scam victim. Not everyone in the online dating scene is a good guy or girl. Many scam artists masked their real identity in order to cheat someone not only of their money but emotions, feelings as well. Sad but true – many women “catch” men and ask them for money by giving empty promises. Then after the money comes to them, they disappear. There are even cases when men sexually assault the women when meet up for a date after they “meet” on an online dating site.

So, do not be over-credulous. The person who you are communicating with can write anything in his or her profile and he or she may not be whoever they tell you. In fact, you cannot be completely sure if it is a she or a he. In case you decide to meet your dating partner – do some background checks. Moreover, to be safe, your first date should be during daytime in a busy public place. Better still, get a friend to come along.

2. Another possible danger of online dating is to give out your real address and personal information. Well, the person who is asking for your address might seem completely normal and harmless, you may even “know” him online for quite time. In any case, you should never give your home or work address as you don’t really know who you are dealing with.

Thus, remember – never give out your personal information. No real phone number or address. Some people do not even share their real name (as you can find the address and even the phone number using it), but use nicknames instead. If things get serious and if enough time has passed you may consider sharing such information with your dating partner.

3. Another danger of online dating is to get lots of unsolicited email messages. There will be many people asking for your email address in order to continue your relationship off the online dating site and only in a few hours, you will discover that you have become a spammer victim with your email box flooded with spams.

So, if you can stick by those general guidelines, online dating can be a great and safe experience. When in doubt, do not hestitate to consult your friends or families on what to do. Most importantly, never meet someone you met online in person alone without informing anyone else.

Happy Dating!

One final tip : trust your gut feeling and never take chances. If your feel a person is right and genuine go ahead,you might have found the love of your life. However, it is better to be very careful and do not rush things. Take one-step at a time and think over it many times before you actually do it.