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As an scam reporting website, we are obliged to post this news article where OFT UK announced this month to be the scam awareness month.

It is great that this scam awareness campaign is receiving so much attention in the UK, but as far as “email scam” is concerned, it should be done in some other countries, most notably…*CENSORED* You’ll have to kill me to uncensor that word.


‘Scamnesty’ aims to raise awareness of the highly sophisticated techniques that are utilised by modern fraudsters.

According to a survey done by the group, approximately four million adults in the UK have responded to some sort of scam, with a third of these losing money in it.

With the rise of the internet, email is now seen as the most common scam-tactic, with 73 per cent of adults saying that they had received a scam via email in the past year.

This is compared with only 21 per cent for mail fraud and 12 per cent for attempted scams via text message.

Consumer minister Kevin Brennan said: “It is really important that people are on their guard and know that help is available as scams can bring real upset and misery to their victims.

We have invested £7.5 million to create ‘scambuster’ teams across the country. These specialist trading standards teams are working hard with the police and others across local authority boundaries to come down hard on the worst scammers. We are determined to take the fight to these crooks.”