]]>The Gypsy Scam
Whatever you call these, Psychic, Gypsy, or someone with “extraordinary” powers. They will ask for your money to remove curses, improve your luck, find a lover, or simply fortune telling. Some of these “services” are obviously scams and it just takes some common sense to walk away – the best, easiest and simplest way to avoid almost any scam on earth when in doubt. Read this news to see how this guy lost $740 to a gypsy to remove a curse. It isn’t alot but you can still buy alot of stuff with that money.
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Double Deal: Fake Check and Lottery Scam

“According to a report at the sheriff’s department, a
check for $4,975 was sent with the letter. The letter stated
the check was to cover the non-resident government sales
tax….all Carey needed to do was cash the
check and send $3,175 to tax agent Saneka Freeman, giving an
address in Toronto, Canada.”

We are not new to this combo scam where you received a letter saying that you have won lottery, and a Check to clear some fees, taxes, etc. The victim is then told to send Real Cash (supposedly to be taken from the “Check”) to a someone.

Before you read the news below, we just like to share that any Check for any purpose is a useless piece of Shit until you cash it and see the money physically. Check Does-Not-Equate to Money until your bank account has “Shown You The Money“.

Different bank may have different methods of doing this, so make sure that when it shows in your bank account it also means that the Check is Cleared. Some funny banks simply Update your account “showing the money” but the Check is NOT Cleared yet. So if you use any money from your account, its YOUR OWN MONEY until the Check is cleared later. So don’t get all excited after seeing any Check from anyone in future. This is exactly what Scammers are after – get you excited and greedy.
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