Two elderly women received a call from their “grandson” asking for financial help, and both lost a total of $17,000 in the scam. Please spread this message to your elderly folks and warn them. Be safe than sorry.

One of the scammers said he was from the Canadian police and that there
had been an accident and the woman’s grandson wanted to talk to them.
The caller then tells the woman it’s her grandson, not to call his mom
and dad, that he was in an accident and his passport has been taken…

The woman sent a moneygram at the Wal-Mart store in Fayette
Township for $6,700 the first time. The man called back seeking more
money and she sent another $5,700, he said. The scammer kept calling
back asking for more money and at one point said he had won the
Canadian lottery and needed $4,500 to pay taxes on the money before he
could pay her back.

In the other case, a 73-year-old South Point area woman reported
earlier this month week she received a call from a man saying he was
her grandson and was in Canada and needed money.

She sent him $3,000 and then another $1,500 when he called back
asking for more money, according to a report filed with the Lawrence
County Sheriff’s Department. Her grandson said he wasn’t the one who
called her and hasn’t left the country and has been home with a new
baby, according to a report.

Cold-blooded scammers, go to hell, forever. That is what matters most.