Alhaji Mustafa Mohamed, the “Sells Manager” (ahaha, sup to be “Sales Manager”?) is offering you a one-time chance to invest in GOLD DUST!

Yes, you are reading this correctly. 22 Carat Gold Dust (91.6%), and the price is $15k /kg. Is that expensive or cheap, beats me.

However, we are very sure that 99.9999% of the time such unsolicited offers on the email are scams.

You want proof? Go ahead and be the first to try out, and tell us your pathetic story of becoming a sucker who believes in such offers on email.


On Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 4:50 PM, mustafa mohamed <mustafamohamed017@msn.com> wrote:

    Dear Friend
     I  will like to propose to you a gold business if you have any link of somebody that deals on gold or can porches gold from us.
    I would like to explain to you clearly about our gold dust and our Company. Mustafa Mohamed The Sells Manager of (Yanfolila Gold Miners) Presently we are having 575kg of Gold Dust at stock with the Transit Customs office ready for exportation as soon as we have good customer like you and your company That is ready and capable to purchase gold.
    Our gold dust is 22 carats or better.
    The purity is not less than 92,05% and the colour is Yellow.
    And the price we will sell to you is $15,000 USD per kilo.
    Exporting of Gold here in our country its very easy, all you needed is tocome donw here in Ouagadougou Burkina-faso , to meet our company and discuss with them and sign a contract with them whereby we take it to the Security Transit Company for you to see the Gold and make a test of the quality after that when you are satisfy with our product we can now go into business.
    I will like you to know that we are not Brokers or agents that get this Gold from other people or Company to sell; we do exploit this Gold from our Village Mining Field in Yanfolila. My duties as the sells Manager of the company are to get more and more buyers from everywhere. As a licensed Gold exporters and real Gold Miners, Hope to hear from you. get back to me so that I will give you full details of how the business is going to be.
    Best Regards
    Alhaji Mustafa Mohamed
    Sells Manager
    Tell -00226-78-68-11-12
    Gold Proposel from Alhaji  Mustafa Mohamed /(Yanfolila Gold Miners)