We received this email:

Subject: Job Offer

Question/Comment: Hi, I received an appointment letter and a very highly paid job offer of 9,500 GBP (as a Eng. teacher) from University Hospital London. 
I want to know whether this job offer is valid or is it a scam. I am
told to pay the visa process fee of 620GBP to a Travel Agent in London.
They haven’t taken my interview, nor told me whom to teach and what?
They have also offered me a 5 bedroom flat, One month payment in adv.
and my travelling tickets. So I am in a fix, what am I to do? Pl. let
me know what to do. I personally request u to mail me if u need any
further information.

Thanks a lot.

As an expatriate myself currently relocated to China, my company pays for my lodging and travel expenses. I don’t pay a single cent to get over to where I am.

We are not quite sure if the hospital you mentioned is a legal entity and how you have received this job offer. The pay package appears to be too high to be true, unless you are holding a very senior or specialised position that not many others can do. If you are sending us a mail to check, it also shows that you have question on the legitimacy of this offer and the company. Please conduct due diligence and find out more about the company, and even contact them via their official Tel. or address to verify that the offer is real. (we still don’t think so).

Even if the travel and lodging has to be paid by you, we recommend that you pay through your own local agency for the air-tickets and to find your own lodging after you have met up with your employees over there. If I were you, I wouldn’t pay a single cent directly to an “overseas employer” without seeing them in person in their office.

We are also wondering how you can get such a high paying job offer.

In any case, we would classify this job offer as a scam based on the information that is provided.