]]>Subject: Canadian Lottery

Question/Comment: I just wanted to let you guys know and hopefully, you will post this information for all to see, that my father got a letter in
the mail with a $4900 check for his to cash and it had a number for him to call and they informed him that in order for him to collect the rest of his winnings, he had to send over 1/2 of the $4900 for taxes. Thankfully, my father called me about this and I told him that it was a fake check and to NOT send any money to these scammers. They call theirselves Standard Trust Inc. based in Toronto, Canada and their phone number is 47-219-4267. I looked this number up and it is someone’s private cell phone number.

Please, be aware of these scammers. My father does not use the computer, but they still got a hold of his name and address to send him this fake
check. These guys are getting bolder and bolder.

Thanks for taking your time and effort to share with us. I have also received a (physical) letter from the scammers by post. They can get your address online, either you own a domain name, or through some websites.