There is a strong reason that we continue to ask everybody to help disseminate and spread about such scams so as to prevent them from happening. Every now and then, we find news where people who are desperate for money, are easily tricked by scams that offer easy money for nothing. Or rather, for a small fee (pay money to get money). Never believe in “Paying Money to get Money”. Its a SCAM!

“He kept calling back,” said LeAnn. LeAnn needed to once again
send a significant amount of money and then her prize would be on the

As she waited for balloons and a big check, police said the thief
was picking up her cash.”When you send money to Western Union of
Money Gram, it’s gone. We can’t recover that money,” said Lt. Mickey
Garner of Metro police.

It was LeAnn’s daughter who broke the bad news to her.”Oh, no, I’ve just been scammed,” LeAnn said.