]]>Subject: winners choice lottery scam by phone
Question/Comment: My mother is
involved in a scam with these people and has already sent $300 plus
$2500 and now possibly another $2500 plus.  The sweat talk her on the
phone and know she is vulnerable, she is not listening to all the
people who have told her not to talk to these
people. They must be very convincing because she believes she will
receive millions of dollars.  Today 12/17 she was supposed to get a
delivery by FedX telling the next instructions.

The one name I have is John Kent and money by Western Union has been sent
to possibly Virginia and Michigan.

What can I do, can you help, police will do nothing.

If the scammers are located in the US, we do not understand why the police cannot provide any assistance to such matter.

Since the money is sent via Western Union, let the police know so that they can contact Western Union to assist to provide further details. They might be able to track down the scammers when they collect the money.