After leaving office for just 2 months, former French President Jacques Chirac was questioned by a judge who was investigating a party funding scam during the time when Chirac was a mayor of Paris.
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A separate but similar case involves the former Prime Minister of Thailand, Thaksin who was involved in corruption, bribery and violation of electoral law.
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Recent news seemed to have quite a bit of coverage about this figure, including his buying over of a football club at $190million, possibly done just to gain favour from the large group of football fans in Thailand.

A prime minister who becomes a billionaire during his time in office, and refusing to go home to face charges due to fear of unfair trial – isn’t this an obvious excuse or are we missing something? He also “pledged to enhance Manchester City’s name recognition in Asia and the Middle East” We opine that this will be an uphill task in view of the charges against him unless he is able to clear his name.

Anyway, with the assets frozen, he is no longer a billionaire.