I just posted a lottery scam mail from Bangkok, Thailand, titled “South Asia International Lottery
earlier. And this is another scam mail from Thailand, but in the form
of “Western Union Money Transfer”. We think that the scammer might be
the same person or group.

1) The sender’s email address can be fake. The scammer can send the mails out using any email address via an anonymous mail server.

2) The names used in the email are fake – most of the time. There is no need to inform the police about the names, because they need more than that to find the real person behind all these.

3) Ofcourse, the whole story is fake, including the money.

4) If you still insist on going ahead to try it out, please bewarned “Never Pay Money to Get Money (prize)”. We assure you that some point in the email they will ask you for money. Otherwise, they will ask you for personal identity information which can be used to scam the bank to provide them with you bank account details.

Once you have learnt to spot a scam, you can safely ignore such mails in future.

From: “Western Union Money Transfer®” <noreply@westernunion.com>
Sent: Saturday, May 09, 2009 3:51 PM

Subject: From Western Union Money Transfer: Office In charge Of Your Fund.

> From Western Union Money Transfer: Office In charge Of Your Fund.
> Central World Plaza, Ratchadamri Road
> Bangkok 10330 Thailand.
> Attention: Fund Owner.
> Based on the instruction passed to this Western Union Money Transfer department from the office of the Presidency Bangkok Thailand, your total sum of $1,000,000 (One Million United States Dollars) can only be paid through this Western Union Money Transfer Department of Bangkok, Thailand. This is to help us check-mate all the fraudulent activities going on here in Thailand and Asia at large. You shall be paid bit by bit until your total sum is completely received paid to right at the Counter of Western Union Money Transfer right in your Country.
> After the meeting that was held in the office of the Presidency Western Union Money Transfer (Bangkok Thailand) in regards to this, we have agreed to pay you a total of $10,000 in every Seven Hours (7hours) until the funds is completely paid as agreed in today’s meeting. Below is the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN): (4436709203) For verification Kindly call our International service number +18003256000 or +448007314814 and follow the voice prompt, then insert the control number above to hear the availability of your funds ready for pick up, or visit our official web site www.westernunion.com, find TRACKING on the top right of the site page, and kindly insert accordingly this detail (Boakye Yaw) and (4436709203) following the instructions below:
> Money Transfer Control Number: (4436709203)
> Sender First Name: Boakye
> Sender Last Name:  Yaw
> I am Kasit Piromya, after the failure of the Agent assigned to deliver your Winning Cheque, for reason aligned with the British high commission and other bodies, I was ordered from the office of the President to make your payment swiftly via this medium, you will be receiving $10,000 every seven hours, from the above control number till your payment is completed.
> I request that you send to me your full receiving names for your payment and an activation fee of $450 only for the names to be activated to the officer in charge at the counter here in Bangkok Thailand as you make the payment we shall activate the names you have given us to enable you receive your first installment payment of $10,000 accordingly, this control number (4436709203) should be kept confidential for your own security, to avoid any further complications which you have experienced in the past, make the payment today and start receiving your money.
> Here is the information needed for the Transfer:
> Your Full Name:
> Your Full Address:
> Your Direct Tel:
> Copy Of Your International Passport or Drivers License.
> You can call Mr. Andreas Georgetown for more verification in this matter: + (66) 811-415-810 and E-mail us immediately for the transfer of your Fund: wumt_wu@yahoo.com.hk
> Congratulations in advance.
> Mrs. Kasit Piromya
> Western Union Director
> Bangkok, Thailand