We received this:

Subject: New Life Missions
Question/Comment: Just received an email from them informing us of an inheritance of $3,250.000.00.
web: www.newlifemissions.org.  another scam ??

All emails about inheritance are scams, regardless of “whose” name they try to use (or fake) to make you believe.

newlifemissions.org is a genuine site that has been around since 1999. It is sad that while they are trying to help the poor people in Nigeria, another group of real scammers are damaging their reputation by the conduct of famous online advance fee scams (aka 419 scams, inheritance scams) since the mid-90s. In their website, they stated:

  • First pray specifically for the different needs of missions in Nigeria.
  • Give financially as the Lord leads in your heart.
  • Sponsor a child, pastor, missionary, student, church, water well, farm project, or petty trade through your monthly support.
  • Purchase equipment for church, primary school, or bible college.
  • Give medicines, vitamins, hearing aids, eyeglasses, bibles, study aids, laptops, video projector, copies, generators, etc.
  • Setting part of your will, bond, etc. for native missions.
  • By inviting us to your church, fellowship group, schools, family get togethers, picnics, open houses, etc.
  • Help us ship mission supplies to Nigeria.
  • Through short-term mission trips to Nigeria.

Just like any charity organisation – we trust that anything (including cash) that we donated are put to good use. As such, it is beyond the scope of our site to judge the administrators of this mission. Anyone of us may donate to the mission as long as we feel the need to do so.

However, any emails about “inheritance” money that uses the name of newmissions.org is unlikely to be real. We assumed that newmissions.org is a normal charity organisation, and hence they would not solicit money via email that talks about inheritance money. These emails are sent by scammers, and sadly to say, probably from the same country whom newmissions.org is trying to help.

What newmissions.org should do is to add a page on their website to warn visitors of such scams.