Well, thanks for the blessing Elizabeth, but we have none in return.

“I am not requesting any money from you befoe you will receive the funds that am giving out to you”

You won’t ask for money because in this story you are the “Angel“, and in the new couple of steps you will lead the victims to the “Devil” who would be the ones asking for money (fees, fees and more fees). You think we are nuts? Oxymoronic!

From: Mrs Elizabeth Smith <mrselizabethsmith7000@yahoo.it>
Subject: Re: Dear Beloved In Christ
Date: Sunday, September 21, 2008, 2:35 AM

Dear Beloved Janyne,

How are you doing today hopefully you were in church today being Sunday? Peace of the Lord be with you!! Thank you very much for responding. Let me tell you dear I am not requesting any money from you befoe you will receive the funds that am giving out to you. All I am praying is for us to be in unity with the lord so that this divine work will come to a successful end. Also I will like you to put this in prayer what ever the lord tells you to do then let me know because I will not force you to what you are not willing to do. I believe the Lord will give you the best way to follow. I so much believe and trust in God that is why I want you to know that it is by His grace that we are called to serve Him and that my contact with you is not just ordinary rather it is a divine one from God.

God works in mysterious ways that human cannot understand. The funds that I am giving out are currently deposited with a company here in the United Kingdom and I have to prepare a letter of authorization nominating you as the new beneficiary of the funds and send it to you and a copy of it to the company, then I will give you the company contact details so that you open communication with them as the new beneficiary of the consignments that contains the funds. I will need your full names, complete physical contact address and telephone numbers to enable me prepare the letter accurately. God Bless you.

Yours Sister,

Mrs. Elizabeth Smith.