Most people today are concerned about just one thing, money. Our society and now even many in the church are consumed with wealth and prosperity. Is there anything wrong with wealth and prosperity? No of course not. What is wrong is this. Have you ever heard the term, “fake it till you make it”? This term simply implies that you need to act like you are in a certain place, situation or feeling that you do not actually posses. Oh by the way, I will explain the title shortly, “Get Out of Debt in One Easy Step”.

What happens when you fake it till you make it is that you convince yourself and try to convince others that you are something that you are not. In some church facilities all over the country, this is what is happening and it is sending people straight into debt. You see, so many of us are being told that you are not blessed unless you have money. You are not blessed if you don’t have a big house. You are not blessed if you do not have a lot of money. This type of brain washing is creating a really big fake it till you make it crowd.

You see if you are convinced that you are not blessed because of the previously mentioned reasons, you will do anything to try and make others and yourself believe that you are blessed. You may go out and buy a car that you really can not afford, just for appearances. You may buy a house, just for show. You may take people out and buy expensive presents and put on a show, just make others believe that you are blessed.

Oh yeah, my title, “Get Out of Debt in One Easy Step”. Stop trying to empress people with your stuff. If you can sell that car or truck that you are just driving for show and have to eat bologna to get by, sell it! That house that you are about to lose because all you can afford to pay is the interest payments, sell it! That furniture that you are renting instead of buying because your credit is messed up, take it back today. Who are you trying to impress? The people that you are trying to impress with yours stuff are probably in just as much debt if not more than you.

Get out of debt today and have the thing that most people want any way. That thing is called peace.