Paid survey scams have been an issue for some time now and while the industry has cleaned up it’s act significantly, filtering all possible scams is an almost impossible task.

New people are coming online everyday looking for ways to bolster their bottom line and surveys are a tempting way to make money for very little effort.

Can You Protect Yourself?

If you are an online “newbie” what can you do to protect yourself from being fleeced by unscrupulous operators?

We will take a look at some precautionary tactics you need to be aware of but just be warned, paid survey scams are just one part of the online minefield equation and you could do worse than apply the following tips to any other areas you could be investigating as a possible income source.

Paid Survey Scams

Let’s be honest, there are many good, legitimate survey companies out there and there are lots of people enjoying the benefits of earning some extra cash for doing very little work but the reality is, when there is money involved in any system there are those who look for ways to exploit it.

The following tips are basic commonsense ways you can safeguard yourself from falling prey to paid survey scams:

1. Remember, “if it’s too good to be true then it usually is.” Yet people still fall for this. Just ask yourself…if the offer is stating making money is relative child’s play then why isn’t everyone making money hand over fist?

2. Avoid paying a fee, start up or monthly to take part in surveys. Why do you need to pay a fee anyway? Will the fee entitle you a list of companies you can join? Remember, you can get this information for free. Don’t part with your money!

3. Be wary of flashy testimonials and random documented evidence. Also, people who provide images of checks they’ve received should be treated cautiously. Refer back to step one.

4. Ask for advice from people who have been into battle. Paid survey scams forums are a good place to start. Ask a question and name the company you’re interested in. You’ll get a reply one way or the other in relatively quick time.

5. You must avoid the urge to give away personal information to these survey sites until you are confident you have done appropriate due diligence on them. One thing to remember, if you cannot contact these people, preferably by phone, move on.

The bottom line is, go in with your eyes wide open. For every claim being made try and get a review of the service or company and that’s usually as easy as doing an online search.