58-year-old Philip Hunt met a Nigeria girl at a dating site, believed in her 419 scam story (to inherit $2.9m USD), and was finally wiped-out in a Black Money scam by the same gang. This appears to be well thought-out:

1) Dating site as the entry, initiation, or pickup. (easier than blatant 419 scam mail)

2) Create interest/excitement of inheriting large sum of money.

3) Using black money scam to milk the victim dry in a single payment.

They showed him how to use a liquid (see our past videos), to change blank paper into money. This is Bull Shit and a scam. Whatever it can do its no better than photocopying your own currency and calling it “cash”. So don’t get too excited over such nonsense.

Philip Hunt committed suicide after losing over £80,000.

A GRIMSBY man took his own life after falling victim to an internet scam that promised him the love of a “beautiful woman” – but instead left him with debts of over £80,000.

An inquest in Hull heard that at around 9.30pm on Thursday, August 13, last year, 58-year-old Philip Hunt, of St Catherine’s Court, was struck by a train in Hessle.

A post mortem examination revealed he had suffered multiple injuries and that his death was “instantaneous”.

The jury took just 15 minutes to return a unanimous verdict of suicide to the coroner Geoffrey Saul.

A spokesman for British Transport Police said Mr Hunt had “insurmountable debts” and was the victim of a common scam known as the Nigeria Letter or 419 Fraud.

The inquest heard he had been targeted by someone posing on an online dating agency as a Nigerian woman called Rose, in December 2008.

Mr Hunt told his ex-girlfriend Lesley Smith – who gave evidence at the inquest – that “Rose” had promised him a share of her father’s estate if he could help her get 2.9-million US dollars into the country.

Ms Smith said Mr Hunt – who had worked as a cargo officer for DFDS Tor Line, Immingham, for the last 14 years – had sent her a text in January last year, saying: “There are amazing things happening in my life”.

She told the inquest: “He told me that this lady needed to come to England with this case of money to be able to convert it into usable money.

“He retrieved a suitcase from City Airport in London and under instruction went to a hotel room and waited there.”

The inquest was told by British Transport Police that he was met by two men, who revealed the case was full of blank paper.

They showed Mr Hunt how they could “turn one of them into a 100 dollar bill” with the use of a liquid solution.

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