This is a very complicated story involving animal medicine trading,
“Lancico Breeders Farm”, some $4.3million in transaction, cheats, and

There seemed to be 4 parties involved,

1) The Employee of Company A (writer of the email, original scammer)

2) The Boss of Company A (buys at $3,000 and sells to Farmer at $5,800)

3) The Farmer (Rich man who buys animal medicine from Company A)

4) The Supplier (sell each carton at $3,000)

Let us make it more complicated:
HotScams.com can supply cheaper
animal medicine supplies at only $1,000 per carton, MOQ 1000 cartons.
Price includes custom clearance, packaging, shipment and insurance.
(oh, you didn’t say how big is a carton?)

Please send cold hard cash in USD by Fedex – we don’t care if its lost
during shipment (ROFL). We will let you know the mailing address once
you agreed to the price. No cheques, no wires, no bank transfers.

This email is probably targeted at Europeans because they are looking at someone to fake “The Supplier”. In fact, if this is a real deal, they don’t have to get a new “5th Party”, that is YOU involved.

All this guy needs to do is to tell the Farmer that he can supply cheaper, and then simply continue to buy from The Supplier.

So how does the scam works.

YOU are involved in this by helping him (Party 1) to buy the cartons from the Supplier (Party 4), at a price of $3,000, so that Party 1 can sell to the Farmer at $5,400, which is cheaper than what his company is selling.

Apparently, he will try to ask you to dish out your OWN pocket money to pay the supplier (Party 4) who could simply be the same scammer or his friend. And after you pay for the 800 cartons at $3,000 each, thinking that the Farmer will pay for it at $5,400 – you are wrong! They will disappear after getting your money.

If you are still confused by what we are trying to say here, then you truly “cannot handle this transaction”.

You just need to know that this is a SCAM.



My name is Mr David Lawson, I work with an IVORY COAST based public relations firm (A.F). I work as the corporate manager. I wish to connect you into a very urgent and lucrative business which I have full confidence that you can execute this business to our mutual benefit and I believe that you will not let down the trust and confidence I am about to repose on you.

This business proposal is all about, SUPPLYING OF ANIMAL MEDICINE. In January 2007, a seminar was held in FLORIDA (U.S.A) of which I attended. In this seminar I was lucky to meet ALHAJI LANCINA COULIBALY the president of (LANCICO BREEDERS FARM).

ALHAJI LANCINA COULIBALY is an accomplished businessman. He is a millionaire with cattle farms in MALI, BURKINA-FASO, CHAD REPUBLIC, MOROCCO and SOUTH AFRICA.

He is the greatest supplier of cattle to the whole of WEST AFRICA COUNTRIES. On knowing my profession, he told me about the huge amount of money he spends on the purchase of a particular but very important cattle medicine. He said he buys at $8.500 a CARTON. He asked me if my organisation can source for a cheaper supplier.

Back to my office, I discussed the business with my boss; he decided to handle
the supplies by himself. We did market research and discovered that we can buy these medicines at EUROPE for $3.000, per CARTON. We moved a proposal to LANCICO BREEDERS FARM to supply him at $5,800 per CARTON which he accepted. I agreed with my boss that he will give me 15% of the profit.

On February 2007, we made our first supplies of 120 CARTONS to LANCICO BREEDERS FARM. My boss never gave me a dime. Instead he bought an old model and second handed 504 Peugeot Car for me. Since then, my relationship with my boss has seized to be cordial. He never talked to me about LANCICO BREEDERS FARM again.

Recently, I intercepted some letters from LANCICO BREEDERS FARM to my boss. I was surprised to learn that my boss had made six more supplies to LANCICO BREEDERS FARM which I knew nothing about and LANCICO BREEDERS FARM is requesting for more supplies of 800 CARTONS, these letters never got to my boss. Instead, I called ALHAJI LANCINA COULIBALY himself, THE PRESIDENT OF LANCICO BREEDERS FARM and convinced him that I can arrange for an international supplier who can supply him at the price US$ 5,400 PER CARTON which he agreed with me to supply his company the medicine this time around.

ALHAJI LANCINA COULIBALY is presently waiting for me and my foreign contact as I told him because he has stopped all his contacts with my boss.
I also wish to inform you that I am aware that your company does not produce ANIMAL MEDICINE, but because I know that before I can execute this project I will need a foreign partner like you who will act as the producer to communicate with ALHAJI LANCINA COULIBALY. If you would find it difficult to source for the manufacturers of  this particular animal medicine at cheaper rate, I shall give you the contact at EUROPE where my boss use to purchase them at the rate of $3000 per carton and supply to ALHAJI LANCINA COULIBALY at $5800 per carton.

So right now, my agreement with ALHAJI LANCINA COULIBALY is that I will arrange for a new foreign supplier who will supply him at the rate of $5,400 per carton. We also agreed that every supply we are going to make he must pay cash of 50% for any quantity commanded as soon as he receive the sample of the medicine. Since I was able to convince ALHAJI LANCINA COULIBALY not to allow my boss to know that I connected him to a new supplier, I would also not want him to know that I gave you the contact of the producer at EUROPE where you can purchase the medicine.

If you can handle this project perfectly, please contact me immediately for details and negotiations as regards my commission. But if you think you cannot handle this transaction properly, I would like you get back to me for my earlier information. My clients are waiting for me with my foreign contacts as I told him.

NOTE: We buy eight hundred CARTONS at $2,400,000.00 while we sell it at $4,320,000.00 and our client pays cash of 50% of any quantity commanded as soon as he receives the sample before lifting of Goods from the producer and he must not know our purchase point.

Best Regards

Mr David Lawson.