Earlier, we received forwarded mails from our visitors regarding inter-state purchase of hay. The scammers sent the fake check and money order via UPS to the hay sellers, with excess amount either for refund purpose or payment to the “delivery” guy. We have posted an earlier article of fake check scam for hay purchase, and will be posting another shortly (sorry for the delay due to work).

Bangor (Maine, US) news just released a warning about this scam.
“The Department of Agriculture has received complaints about the scam from farmers who have received inquiries from out-of-state callers about purchasing hay. The scammer sends the farmer a check for an amount greater than the cost of the hay purchased, according to a press release issued Friday.

The check is either fraudulent or drawn on an account that has no money in it.

Because of the overpayment, the farmer is asked to wire the difference back to the scammer. When the check fails to clear, the farmer is out the money, the Attorney General’s Office warned.

People asked to wire money as the result of an overpayment should ask their bank to notify them when the check has cleared, Attorney General G. Steven Rowe advised consumers.

After they have received notification from the bank, they can determine whether it is a legitimate transaction.”
Consumers who suspect they have been scammed should call 800-436-2131.