Someone informed:

“Scammers are running an Ipod scam on Craigslist. They are selling IPod clones that will fail within a week. They will not replace these clones and reply to your calls. Do Not Buy from them! (Dee 919-519-2996 and Keyma 919-671-1463) DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.”

This incident reminds us of our experience when we bought a 32GB Kingston USB Thumbdrive in Shanghai, China, that costs less than USD 15 in early 2009. It is a price that is too good to be true.

However, unlike the case of IPod scam, we were told that it is an original part for sale. Thinking that it could be factory rejects due to cosmetic (exterior) reasons, we bought the USB thumbdrive.

Guess what, when we try to transfer files onto the thumbdrive, it seemed to work fine. However when we inserted the thumbdrive into another computer, it was unable to read the file. This is a factory reject alright, but it has probably failed because of a critical fault – it cannot perform its basic function!

As you can see, even Jay HS falls for scam some times. These scammers exploit our need for a “good buy” especially when its too good to be true. I have taken the bait and paid the price.

Another scam in China was by a friend, and the post is about Shanghai Street Scam. If you have not read this report and you are travelling to Shanghai soon, watch out for this scam at the famous Nanking Road.

Scams are everywhere, who says they are only restricted to email, 419 and internet scams? You can lose money anytime, anyplace, under a helluva conditions. Be safe!