Over the past few days, we have been helping a reader (herein referred as complainant) deal with this company called Gogochin International Trading CO.,LTD, which is a Chinese company. He bought a LCD TV and computer from these guys, and the goods were not delivered. The shipment was via EMS, which is a legitimate courier service provider. However, when EMS’s tracking system showed that the goods are supposed to have arrived, the complainant did not receive them at all.

We tried to contact the company via email (in Chinese), but the “sales person” stopped responding after agreeing to refund only $120 USD. The second time we sent reply to this email, it keeps returning an error.

Beware when dealing with this company as we believe that it is a scam since they refused to communicate at all regarding the delivery problems. Their website at gogochin.com is also down (now back to godaddy’s parking page). We hate this.

The company details are as follows:

Gogochin International Trading CO.,LTD


Office hours:Mon-Fri 9:00 – 21:00(GMT+8)


MSN:  gogochin@live.cn

Email:  sales@gogochin.com


Adress: No.355 Fuhong Road Futian District,Shenzhen,Guangdong, china 

 Zip Code: 518000 

If anybody from Gogochin is not happy with this, fine,, please send us a mail using your Official Email address and we will have a 3-way communication together with the complainant.

As far as we know, we do not recommending buying online from a Chinese company, unless you know/have heard of them and they have proven track records. If its a company that you have not heard of and is selling an item (especially electronics) at a price that is too good to be true, please do not buy.

Those who missed our article – we bought a 32 GB Kingston thumbdrive from Shanghai shop months ago at a really good price. We are able to “transfer” files into the drive, but when we insert into another PC, it produced an error. This is a Fake item.

Secondly, are you  aware that NONE of the PSP in China are genuine and comes with warranty. We have been purchasing in China and we know that very well.

Our recommendation if you are going to buy something from China vendor that you have never heard of, we recommend that you fly over there and see for yourself. You would be surprised – have you ever seen a “factory” the size of your bedroom? Do you know that they don’t show you their pictures, or show you nice looking websites that look like a MNC?

This applies everywhere, including a recent case about an “Export” company in Indonesia. We will give them a chance since they panicked and started to tell us their physical address – that means something. They are seriously in business, but I hope not to hear bad things about them later.