Apple has yet to announce the iPhone 5, much less ship it. However, there are many websites that start to put up this “iPhone 5” for sale.

Beware of this scam when you buy such branded devices from unauthorised dealers on the internet, warned CNET.

Experts estimated taht up to 10 percent of tech goods sold worldwide are fake. The US$100 billion trade takes place in online marketplaces such as eBay or Craigslist.

Fake iPhone 5 devices are already on sale in online stores such as EC21.com or Taobao.com.

Apple announced the release of the iPhone 4S just recently in early October, so any iPhone 5 for sale at websites other than Apple are fakes.

Years ago, we visited Shanghai and bought 32GB thumbdrive from a shopping mall. Back then, thumbdrives with that capacity was rare and carried a large price tag. However, we bought it at no more than 120 RMB or USD23. We are talking about 2 – 3 years ago, and that was cheap.

As with any scam, when its too good to be true, it probably (certainly) is. The thumbdrive turned out to be fake. While it does show the capacity of 32GB, it does not have that real capacity. Attempts to move any file on the thumbdrive failed.

You have been warned about buying cheap electronics from unauthorised sources.