Too many people have fallen prey to dishonest individuals when trying to get health insurance because they fail to do their research or are very careless with the persons they choose to deal with. Health insurance can make or break your business which is why you only have to invest in the best. Find out some tips on how to stay away from scams.

Staying Safe

You have to know the hazards first before knowing what to protect yourself with. Contact your local Better Business Bureau then ask for some hints and tips of how to track down unscrupulous agents or companies. In most cases, deals that are too good to be true are fake. Call the BBB right away then ask them to investigate the person or company. Your state also has a department of insurance which can take care of matters for you after you report the incident. You should contact the local authorities to determine if the agency or company you intend to work with truly exists.

Check the background of the company first and learn more about their visions, missions and objectives. Find out who the key persons are and also check with previous clients how they deal business. Always have a wary attitude when dealing with health insurance salesmen. Ask for their business card and other printed articles. Take time to review the person’s credentials. Never allow an agent to pressure you into signing anything.

Red Flags

You should know how to identify negative signs showing that a person is most likely involved in a potential scam. Agents who seem to be in a hurry to sell you health insurance without providing sufficient details or giving out information that seem too big with a very affordable price tag. Never deal with anyone who refuses to give you an address, local phone number or P.O. box. If they use terms like “deadline”, “last call” or “very urgent”, these are also bad indicators.

A reliable health insurance policy will not force or rush you into making a sound decision. In most cases, they should have the right premium or policy that covers your major needs. Good companies will not worry about you taking your time since they plan to provide for your needs if the time comes for the long term. Immediately report seemingly suspicious individuals to the local authorities.

More Bad Signs

Significantly low premiums, lack of the term “insurance” in any given printed material, guaranteed coverage regardless of current and pre-existing conditions and other plans that require upfront cash or a full year’s payment are all bad signs. Evaluate the agent or agency selling the plan and ask for referrals. You may tell them that you are confirming with the local bureaus or do it secretly. Do not trust people who do not provide you with a license or I.D. card or who claim that their offer is exempt from regulations of the state.

Always read the complete printed material, then review it a couple more times to be sure that you are investing in a legitimate business. Do not give out personal information to anyone especially your credit card number or social security number. Verify if the company is licensed or call the Insurance Commissioner hotline to report. Do business only in person. Although some may initiate using online methods or thru the telephone, always request for a personal meet up.