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You can verify all of this with the press articles, blogs and posts on rip off website.  The community activist in Singapore who helped co-ordinate the mass refunds can be contacted at anph@rvmediaworld.com  Her name is Ann Phua
I hope you warn the Australian Community about this Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme.

XL Results Foundation Get Rich Quick Scam on aggressive sales trip to Australia
XL Results Foundation pte ltd www.resultsfoundation.com a global business network under a legal and financial cloud in Singapore will target investors in Sydney 3rd December, Melbourne 4th December, Brisbane 5th December and Perth on the 6th December 2007.  Refer website:  www.resultsnetaustralia.com
Roger Hamilton, Chairman of XL Results Foundation formerly of Singapore now based in Bali (company registration no: 200107729C – registered in Singapore) found himself in trouble at the beginning of this year when approximately 150 Singaporean member’s demanded their money back claiming they were duped, cheated and money promised to charity by Mr Hamilton was pocketed.  
XL Life Members believed they were buying into a global network and a foundation.  The business connections never eventuated with members claiming they were actually sourced from the free online network linkedin.  Mr Hamilton has claimed the XL network is 60,000 contacts however; he has not been able to substantiate this.
Disgruntled XL Life Members went to the media to expose the company when it wouldn’t return their money.  XL Results Foundation has been featured in the Straits Times Newspaper Singapore, English and Chinese Radio in Singapore, the Courier Mail and Brisbane Times Online Newspaper and the Sunday Star Times in New Zealand.
Roger Hamilton is promoting himself as an entrepreneur contributing to world wide wealth with 10% of all XL revenue promised to charity.  The XL accounts further discredit Mr. Hamilton’s claims.  Back ground checks on the company show it is not a foundation but a private limited company with its offshore bank accounts listed through a post office in the Seychelles. 
XL Results Foundation is listed with the Bad Business Bureau in the US after complaints were lodged against the US arm of the company on the global consumer website www.ripoffreport.com  and an urgent consumer warning was issued by UK Consumer Website www.rip-off.co.uk
Mr. Hamilton’s woes seem to continue with XL Results Foundation Pte Ltd recently featured in the Sunday Star Times in New Zealand.  Reports filed against XL alledge XL Results Foundation is an offshore scam operating a Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi scheme.   Members claim the company’s source of revenue is from the recruitment of newly duped members into the scheme. 
Up to 700 Australian’s may have already been duped by the scam with the Australian Promoter Mr Paul Dunn of Results Net Australia implicated.   Mr Hamilton is back in Australia on an aggressive sales trip to sell his XL Results Foundation memberships for USD$10,000. 
He is not disclosing to consumers there has been an Asia Pacific community petition against the company, $1 million in refund demands and that the company is alleged to be operating a criminal business in a court of law in Singapore.  Mr Hamilton is blocking legal requests for full disclosure of the XL accounts with Australian and New Zealand consumer’s fees being used in legal costs to protect the scam.
To deflect questions from the community Roger Hamilton of XL Results Foundation has established a media advisory unit operated by his brother in law Mr Ian Grundy to suggest the company is being slurred by a former employee and that journalists did not do due diligence. Mr Grundy is also listed on public legal documents with Mr Hamilton.
In public legal documents the former employee alledges the company is a scam.  Roger Hamilton and XL Results Foundation has legally gagged the former employee since 2004 and conducted a long running and malicious slur campaign against the individual.  Newly duped members are unknowingly funding this.
Mr Hamilton promises individuals who join they will benefit from opportunities and get rich.  As is the case with all Get Rich Quick Scams only Mr Hamilton and his accomplices benefit.  
The latest complaint against XL Results Foundation issues a warning to investors to do due diligence.
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Report: Roger Hamilton, XL Results Foundation
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Roger Hamilton, XL Results Foundation Misrepresentation, Fraud, Lies
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Roger Hamilton is a blatant fraud…….