A Nigerian scammer by the name of Don Raymond Faluyi tried to scam a lady from Singapore with a fake lottery prize of 1million GBP.

She paid the scammer a total of S$150k (close to US$100k, in 20 occasions) to an address in Britain. This was done before they are able to send the “winnings” over.

Then the scammer decided that US$100k is not enough for their coming Christmas holiday. So they sent a ‘delivery agent’ from “Britain’s National Lottery Board” to deliver the “winnings” to her physically. The delivery agent, Don Raymond Faluyi, flew to Singapore and told her that she has to pay him another S$13,260 (almost US$9,000) before he can handover the “winnings”. It was then the lady complained to the local authorities and Mr Faluyi was caught.

Some details of the scam:
1) Britain’s National Lottery
2) Prize Winnings: 1 million GBP
3) Other fake names used in scam: Dr Pinkette Griffin, Ego Brown, Don Marson.

Well, don’t be surprise that she has to pay US$100k in 20 splits and only call the cops on the 21st. This is how lottery scams are typically done – it is not about a single payment. The scammers will keep getting money from the victim as long as he thinks that the victim still believes in the lottery prize.  There is no such thing as foreign lottery!