There is a report of a sweepstake fraud. This old lady sent money to “buy” the sweepstakes. And when the news came that she had “won” the lottery, she smell the rat. Soon, she found that she was right and she had lost a total of more than $2.600 in the scam… the money that she used to buy the lottery in the first place. She had already lost money even though she didn’t believe in the winnings when it finally came.

“For months, 84-year-old Martha C.’s mailbox in the Sacramento area
was cluttered with sweepstakes letters. Often marked “Urgent” or “Prize
Research Intelligence Agency,” the letters wooed her with
enticing-sounding offers of potential big winnings.

Trying to
better her chances, she sent in $10 here, $20 there. With a son and a
disabled daughter who could use the money, the churchgoing widow was
always hopeful….”

Always buy the national lottery. Any other lottery in your mail box (email or your real mail box) are scams. And Scammers Shall go to Hell!