Did you receive another check lately? Don’t get too excited and start spending the money. Read the bold sentences in the news below.

“The BBB said some metro residents have gotten letters from Netchoice Consumer Research Group
telling them that “based on previous survey by our affiliate Consumer
Survey Specialist you indicated to be interested in an additional
income on part time basis.” The letter indicates the company may have
affiliations with Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Sears, J.C. Penny, Western Union
and MoneyGram.


Consumers are then sent a fake check and told how and where to send
the money. Netchoice tells consumers that after they complete their
“training assignments,” their salaries will increase to $600 per week
for the first three months with an additional increment of $750 per
week “if you choose to stay with us.”

But consumers who cash these checks will be held responsible for
paying back the bank when the bank realizes the checks are fake. It is
not the responsibility of the bank to determine if a check is fake.”