We received this question:

Recently, I have applied for a job in Liverpool, England.
I sent my resume to an email of the the employer and after a couple of
communications via email, the employer whose alleged name is CLOA HANS, hired
me but asked for a certain amount to be sent thru Western Union. Her alleged
lawyer, whom she said would handle necessary documents for the processing of my
work visa, emailed to me along with the
list of fees which amounted to like more or less 1,450 Euro. After succeding
communication via chat at Yahoo messenger with CLOA HANS, I haggled and she
agreed for the price of 200 US Dollars. I didn’t pay anything, even if
she lowered the amount. I sensed she’s a scam artist, but I wanted
further confirmation. Could you please help me track wether indeed this kind of
transaction is a scam or actually not. Cause if it is, she may victimize
innocent job hunters. I am a Filipino, and I know a lot of us here wanted to
work abroad. I wanna help them fend off online scams. Hope I can hear from you,
guys. Thank you.


There is a lack of information here but from what we read it is most
likely a scam because you should not be paying anything directly to the
foreign company. Don’t jump into a foreign job because of the high pay.
Most jobs require an interview, which could be facilitated by local

Even if there is a really legal fees involved, how could they possibly
reduce 1,450 Euro to US$200? Probably some special mid-year sales or
discount. Crap. Another point is that I wouldn’t send money to someone
whom I cannot trace back later.

There may be variations in job scams and I suggest that you checkout the link below or contact the UK embassy for assistance.

Advice from British Embassy in Manila