There is a reason to be careful when you see a website offering you a “membership” package that promises high pay for a small fee. There is no free lunch. The fact that they are asking you just to join them is a giveaway. A legitimate job does not require you to pay any “membership” fees. When unemployment rate is high, scammers will try to lure people to join a “scheme” that promises high return by doing “very simple tasks”.

Times are bad, but don’t let the scammers make it worse for you.


In October, the unemployment rate
hit a 14-year high of 6.5 percent. That was bad news for the more than
240,000 people who lost their jobs during that period. But for people
who prey on unemployed workers, the high jobless rate is an opportunity
to scam vulnerable job seekers out of their money and personal data.

artists know that when times get rough and bills are due, even the most
sophisticated job hunters can fall prey to their employment schemes.

why all job seekers should educate themselves about job scams. Many of
them involve either work-from-home projects or online jobs. The ads are
enticing: “Earn $200 a day just by clicking a mouse.” “Make $50 to $250
an hour, starting now.” “Earn money completing surveys.”

I recently clicked on one e-mail that promised, “Work at home, easy
work and great pay.” The sender included a long testimonial letter
telling why he started working for this company. It showed pictures of
luxury cars and large homes. All you had to do to earn thousands of
dollars a day was sell products on behalf of other companies and you
would be paid between 30 percent and 75 percent commission…. To get started, you had to purchase a $49.97 Automated Online Money
System. Next the site asked for your name, address and credit card