The scammer sent out email using a fake email address from the real site, using anonymous server.

However, in the reply-to email header, it will be their real email address, which is normally a free email service from yahoo, google, etc. This is the giveaway. They cannot continue to have back and forth email conversation with you using the fake email address that they have used in the first introduction email. If they do, then they could have been really sent out from the website. However, that does not imply that the person is real because the next thing to do is to investigate the domain name and website to make sure that the company is real. Scamming is a complicated process.

So in any case when you “reply-to” and the other side responds with another free email address instead, you are safe to send the note, “Fuck you Scammer!“. Don’t worry, that is not harsh. Just imagine these scammers have cheated thousands in the past and spending the money of innocent victims. We hope to find some fucking replies that is worse than that.


Subject: job scam
Question: I have got a job offer from mint hotel Manchester. They have told
me to contact the travel agent coleman.crystaltravel@gmail.com. I think its
a scam. The previous email was from
albert jones 2011employeesearch.minthotel.com.