We received the following question:

Subject: work at home scams
Question/Comment: how do you verify if and when a job is a scam.  How do
you find real, true opportunities to work at home?

Basically, we need to research and find out the background of the company extensively. It is not an easy task as many would promise

something but not deliver.

1) Do not trust jobs that “require you to pay a single cent” to get started. When you get a job, you are supposed to get paid, and you don’t pay to get a job.

2) If the job requires you to receive a check, and re-wire cash to another account, most of the time it is a scam. The check you received is likely a fake check. Please inform the bank before dropping the check, as some banks charge you for checks that bounced.

3) If a job promises ridiculously high salary by selling you some “gadgets” or “instructional manuals”, “package” or “guides”, they are likely a scam. Well, we won’t say all are scams, as some good MLM companies also sell their startup kit. However, in the cases where it is likely a scam, the scammers would not reveal “their secrets” in their website. They will only reveal to you after you have paid – and this is a scam. If they have such a good secret that can make so much money in such a short time, they would be millionaires themselves. Why would they bother to sell you so cheap and wasting their time?

Others that require you to pay for startup kits are not scams because they tell you WHAT is in the startup kit. You may even get to reveal the actual items – possibly contain laminated charts, catalogs, sales form, bags, etc. These are real because the company is not making money from you by selling the kit. It is just a form of cost-sharing between the MLM company and the customer. A good MLM company makes money from sharing and selling good products that have good value.

I have used MLM as an example, but is not limited to this.