Hey, I got a letter today from some place in Canada with a 4,800 check along with it. It has the Suntrust Bank logo on top and looks legitimate, but I think it is a scam because it says I need to send 2,800  dollars to pay for Taxes.

Here is the number they included: 1-416-831-4389 And it says ask for Sam Moore.

The Check says CIBT, Inc. Which I researched and found a VISA and passport office with no hint to any sweepstakes.

What should I do?

Our Reply:
We are not sure about the background as you did not provide the details. We assume that it comes from a stranger or someone whom you have no dealings with. If you are from the same country as the sender, just send the letter with the check to the bank (since it is already in your name) and police, and report that this is a scam. If it turns out to be legitimate for whatever reasons, good for you.

If a rich man knocks on your door offering you a suitcase filled with US$1million cash, I will simply take it. What if he says that I need to pay him US$2,800 in order to take the suitcase? I will take out US$2,800 from the suitcase he gave me and pass it back to him. lol

Likewise in your case, send the check for clearance, take the money out and return him that stupid sum for the tax. But I don’t think you can clear that check in the first place. If it clears, I would go for a vacation and forget about the tax because there were no official transaction.

What if he says that the check can be cleared only after I pay him tax? This is called SCAM.